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Do You Want To Be Loved? Do You Want To Be Liked?

Do you want be loved?

Do you want to be liked ?

Who doesn’t! It’s one of our basic human needs.

How does it happen? There are two types of people

Some people are born lucky - everyone likes them

Other people have to work at it.

Or so it seems

I wanted to be loved. I always felt my family didn't love me. I reached a point when I felt enough is enough. Time for change. And I found that it is possible through a few steps to change how I felt and reach a point of not only happiness but complete comfort in life. Everything started to feel easy and I actually felt excited about life.

Imagine a world full of love for each other.

Love is about giving and receiving

For those of you who don't understand why it's important to love yourself - take a minute to look at my article (video or written form) that I wrote last year.

This is part one of how to have love in your life such that you become happier

In The Loving Series© we work through how you can be ‘lucky’

You become both liked and loved

If you want to have some light shed on this - check in each week. Part I next week. Nothing complicated, no jargon - get on track to being loved. If you get stuck, feel brave and ask for help. Ask for the Calendly link for free initial session.

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