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Do you listen to yourself?

Which part - the one that tells you you aren’t good enough?

Your subconscious wants to talk

We talk to ourselves all the time

Do we actually listen and if so which bit do we listen to

Anxious people listen to their anxious thoughts

Negative people listen to the negative thoughts

But should we

Is this a good idea

If a negative person talks to you all the time - do you listen. And would you want to listen? Wouldn't you just end up feeling negative

What questions do you ask yourself

Or do you just let your thoughts ramble

Sometimes a directed discussion with yourself is helpful:

How am I feeling today

What is best for me today

So if we don’t always want to listen to ourselves because it's not a good idea - then WHEN do we want to listen and WHAT bits should we listen to

There are answers to these questions in our subconscious

But many of us can’t access it

So we are left using our conscious

And sometimes that is biased. So we don’t get the real answer

Interestingly - some people can listen better to their subconscious in certain areas of their life.

Maybe business, or social, or romantic, or finance.

When your subconscious wants to talk it tells you by a feeling or emotion

It’s doesnt talk in the same way as our conscious

This is why we find it hard

When you have a feelling, especially an uncomfortable one - pay attention.

Ask what it is telling you.

You need to ask questions (these are important. This is where a life coach comes in - they are qualified to ask you the right questions

Then you need to hear the subconscious’ answers and to understand what it is telling you.

Only then can you act and act appropriately.

I can show you how.

To learn this skill - contact me today.

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