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Did they even hear you?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

How many times have you been speaking and someone is replying when you are still finishing talking.

This means they didn't hear you and think about what you said.

They have answered you based on what they think you were saying.

How do you feel when this happens?

Do you really feel heard?

Even when someone says they agree with you (which can feel good), it is preferable when you know they have thought about it, understood it, contemplated and formulated an answer.

When they are quick to disagree with you it can often be that they haven't really heard or understood you.

Do you find it preferable when they seek to clarify what you said rather than rushing to reply on an assumption.

The art of communication has diminished these days.

It really is an art.

We are so busy rushing through life these days that we don't give people undivided attention and time to communicate fully.

When you want to be loved and liked - slow down, give people your direct attention and they will reciprocate.

The relationship will grow.

The Loving Series©

Part Nine: Communication

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