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Are you wishing you are more productive?

Can you imagine being more productive?

Getting more done in your day?

imagine reducing your to-do list with huge effectiveness?

Most of us are at a point in life where there's too much to do and not enough time.

Do you see others getting things done?

Hitting deadlines at work?

Attending their kids events on time and with ease?

You see posts showing what others have achieved.

Others getting congratulated on their hard work, maybe even getting promoted.

Wondering how do others find time and energy to stay behind after work to finish up.

Wonderful pictures of peoples holidays because they get time off.

People get to go on walks or to the gym and spend time with family and friends.

Do you wish this was you and wonder:

How can I get more done?

Why don't I have enough hours in the day?

Why do I get stressed with deadlines and even miss some deadlines?

So many thoughts running through your head.....

Then you feel useless

Why aren't you as good

Why don't you ever have time

Why are you the one always rushing

So you realise you need to work harder

You decide you must work smarter

Then of course you have put more pressure on yourself and you feel more stressed.

You feel exhausted



Do you spend time and energy wondering how you can overcome this ?

I used to feel like this. It's exhausting.

They say the one thing that's the same for all of us is that we have the same amount of time. Yet how do some people have more. And why can't you be one of those people. If we all have the same amount of time then we would all get the same amount done.

I felt like this for years and decided enough was enough.

I didn't want to feel like this any more.

One group of people who are highly productive are the alpha males. They get so much done and they find the time and energy for an incredibly high level of work. This makes them incredibly beneficial to a company. The alpha male is a great asset to a company. And to his friends. If you want a job done - let him do it. He will get it done in lightening speed. Fantastic! So what's the catch?

HOWEVER there is a downside to the alpha males productivity. And any other over achievers will also know - its not all laudable. Highly productive people and over achievers are being highly productive at a cost.

What's the cost - themselves. Their health.

They work extra hard at a high pace. They put productivity above everything. They have set such unreasonably high expectations for themselves. The negative impact on others is that they put these high expectations on others also!

The downside is that they have burnout. Their focus is misplaced and they miss the effect it has on them.

Always being switched on. No time to relax. Not being able to wind down. Therefore missing out on a good night's sleep. Perhaps being proud of needing less sleep (which isn't true - but they feel they are getting away with it because they always have their adrenaline turned on). If this sounds like you - check out the series on sleep. So you can begin to get more sleep and then become more effective with your waking hours.

I have now learnt to have more time than everyone else. How have I done this?

How have I managed to be more productive without the downside?

It's all about being productive AND not using our energy where it's not beneficial.

Now I have balance in my life. I have time for fun, I feel freer. I'm not always on the stress treadmill.

Would you love to have more energy, to feel excited by life?

To always feel positive and optimistic?

To feel proud of your achievements?

To feel worthy and good about yourself?

It's not necessarily about doing more.

It’s about being more effective and efficient.

Especially with you time.

So, what can you do about this?

How can you be more productive but without the downside?

Contact me to discuss how you feel and what you'd like to feel and how you'd like life to be instead.

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