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Are you struggling with a long to-do list

I was struggling with a constant and excessive ‘to-do’ list.

Never getting to the end of it.

I’m sure many can relate to this.

I realised this wasn’t working in my favour so I decided to do something about it .

When you are a child and you do well you get a reward - be it a sticker or star at school, a good grade, or encouraging words from an significant adult.

At some point we need to take over this job for ourselves - and reward ourselves

I realised that it needed to be achievable and an end.

The new plan meant that each day I had an achievable list (usually about four or five items. That’s generally enough for our brains )- so it would be completed.

Only when it’s completed am I allowed to do things I want to do.

This is my reward.

Do what I absolutely have to first then it’s choice time.

I also am allowed to add to the list.

This is a double bonus - I get extra done and I congratulate myself on doing extras .

So double rewards.

How’s your to-do list?

What changes can you make?

How can you switch it up so it works better for you?

If you are struggling - please ask for help.

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