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3 Strategies to Staying on Top

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Is your life feeling like a game of Jenga?

Why do you we need to feel we are staying on top?

When we feel we are on top of things, we feel in control. When we feel in control we can move forward. One of the most important things is to move forward - keep moving, one step at a time if necessary. Its signals to ourselves that we are alive. We cannot stay stagnant, so if we aren't moving forward then we are moving backwards. Nothing actually stays stagnant and is still alive. Even stagnant water - it grows parasites and bacteria. So given that we are moving all the time, make sure you are in control of where and how. Make sure that is backed up by your 'why'.

How to stay on top

There are always times of overwhelm, so we use techniques to pull ourselves out of them. Sometimes it creeps up on us. Sometimes we can't find the way out. In my blogs I have covered tools and strategies to pull you out. Within a week you can be back on top! So here we refresh and see how they can be put into action.

Tools and Strategies

1. Self Care

I cannot stress enough the importance of looking after yourself. Stop trying to give, and to give from an empty place. Most of us are trying to be more effective with our time. Wouldn't you love to give more and yet still have more time.  When you are scraping the barrel you are substituting quantity for quality. In fact you end up with neither quality or quantity and yet you still try to give and give. When you come from a place of having looked after yourself - you will find that less effort is required in order to give more, and give more effectively.

To find more detail on these head to the "You First" blog or YouTube video.  Both systems below rely on first creating the awareness. Awareness is the starting point for creating this balance and moving forward. 

With the self care pin wheel you can break your life down into areas and see which area needs attention. This removes the overwhelm and immediately makes it more manageable. 

With the deposits and withdrawals system you have an easy reference to know what to do more of and what to avoid.

2. Motivation and rewarding yourself

Often we lack motivation. I have found that this often comes from not knowing the point or purpose of what we are doing . Additionally the feeling of lack of benefit for actually achieving it. So we look at what needs doing and the reason why. Some people don't have intrinsic reward systems so they rely on extrinsic rewards. These people often need to set up routines so these things become part of their life. We cannot always rely on the extrinsic reward to be present. Which ever your reward system is, you need to first be aware of it in order to then use it effectively.

3. Planning and Prioritising

Many people struggle to stay on task. Once you have analysed your reason why (see above) then your reward system and routine will help.  We also break it down in to chunks so its easier to see and manage.  All planning needs to be reviewed - this is a flowing process that continues to change. The same with priorities - allocate a priority to each thing that needs doing but remember to review and change the priority as things progress. See the Planning and Prioritising blog and YouTube video for more detailed information.

Summary You need to look after yourself to be there for others.  To do this you must become aware and set up your self care, know why you are doing what you do, and plan to stay on task. When life feels overwhelming you can revert back to these basics.

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