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What’s the current lowdown about devices and sleep? Can we or can’t we?

The Sleeping Series©

With so much of today’s world on devices:

How much can we use them?

How much do they affect our sleep?

If we sleep well already then it's not an issue.

However if we are NOT getting at least 7 hours of QUALITY sleep per night then this needs to be addressed.

As with all previous weeks - all the tips need to be applied until we are sleeping like a baby!

(Unless our baby doesn’t sleep well! Any problems getting your baby /toddler to sleep - please message me for assistance)

When it comes to electronics / devices and sleep we need to consider:

  1. Time - they can delay our bedtime because we get distracted.

  2. Light - blue light in devices isn’t good for sleep

  3. Sounds - these can be disturbing to our night's sleep

  4. Psychological effects - radiation, anxiety and depression

  5. Other effects - eyestrain, skin damage, device distance

  6. Reading - helps us to relax and switch off

  7. Sleep Trackers - bring awareness to sleep issues and therefore improvements

  8. Sleep apps / music - helps us to relax and switch off

Read the full article - click here for the full article

Setting ourselves up for the next day, for our life - our health and well being is vital!!

Don’t delay

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