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What problem are you wishing away?

When I was a child I suddenly started to get stomach aches.

Rather bad ones.

I went from never having never missed a day of school to missing many.

The doctors were mystified.

Back then there probably weren't so many tests (knowledge of food intolerances even was limited).

Looking back on it, I realise the pains just stopped when I was 16 (when I left home).

I had more concern for the pains than the cause.

I did everything I could to stop the pains - food eliminations etc.

Anything to make it go away. It didn't happen.

Guess what I never tried - I never tried to find the real cause - why was my body doing this - what was its message.

Now I'm a life coach - it is so obvious to me.

I did not address the real problem….. I just kept addressing the symptoms, getting anxious about pains. Without wondering what it meant.

Nowadays if I get a pain I ask myself - what is my body trying to tell me? Sure I can go to the doctor & get some medicine to ‘fix’ it, but that will purely mask the real issue.

What problem are you wishing away?

Are you addressing the real problem?

Next time you go to the doctor & get your prescription...stop... - do you really want to fix it?

Come to a life coach, we will help you to make the problem go away (not just the symptom)

For help to get through these emotions and reactions - contact me now. I offer a free session to help you to clarify what’s going on for you.

This will give you an easier, more comfortable life.

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