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Should we say “I told you so” ?

My son had a new flat mate for his apartment . It was all set up and arranged.

Then suddenly a day or two prior to moving in they told him they had changed their plans and wouldn’t be moving in after all.

What a dilemma, he had turned down other possible people and now was going to have an empty room. Meaning he would have to cover the cost personally.

Would this have happened if he had a signed contract?

Maybe, but it would have meant more commitment from them and also he wouldn’t have been out of pocket.

I had told him previously that he needed to get a signed contract - even if they are a friend of his.

I could have said “I told you so”, because it would be true that I had told him.

And sometimes at least sometimes we want to say that.

However, does it really matter if we have told them or not?

You can’t ‘tell’ people.

In coaching, we know that you have to discover for yourself for long term transformation.

Our purpose is to help you to see it for yourself.

We ask you questions to help you to see.

Through this experience you learn and transform.

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