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I know you have a sleep problem

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Welcome to The Sleeping Series©

I know you have a sleep problem.

How do I know ?

Because either :

You don’t fall asleep within 20 mins

You wake up more than once or twice a night

You aren’t getting back to sleep within 5-10mins if you wake.

You are waking too early

You aren’t getting about 7 hours' sleep

You don’t have sleep efficiency of 85-90%*

Are you ready to do something about it?

Or are you still making excuses and justifications?

The good news - it’s curable! **

Tip 1

We need outside light

Our bodies need it

It’s not the fresh air itself. It’s the outside blue green light.

Our body creates serotonin (the awake hormone)

The amount of serotonin determines our melatonin level (sleep hormone)

We also need to be active - exercise is vital.

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Tip two is out now

*sleep efficiency relates to the amount of time you spend in bed vs the amount of time you are actually asleep

** Sort medical issues first - some issues are prone to causing sleep problems - eg shift work, medication, ADHD and autism, specific health/sleep issues : eg sleep apnea etc

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