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Fit & healthy doesn't mean what you think!

My friend’s friend died the other day.

It is always sad.

And can often be a surprise & shock.

Somehow it can seem worse when it's unexpected.

And never more so that when we feel they were fit & healthy.

If this happens to someone who is taking care of themselves then what hope is there for those that don’t.

We begin to wonder if it's just a lottery.

But it isn't.

Maybe that person was fit and healthy - they looked after their body. They ate healthily, exercised....all the things we are told we should do.

However what they did miss was the health of their mind.

What did they spend their day thinking about?

Were they stressed?

Were they ‘working’ too hard?

The medical profession would have us thinking that it's all about the physical body - because we need our body.

And what we feed our body is vital.

BUT - they don't consider what we ‘feed’ our brains.

Do you feed it stress?

Do you feed it negativity?

Do you feed it worry?

What we feed our brain creates chemical changes in our body for example. And this in turns affects the physical body.

So next time you are looking after your health - consider your brain health.

For help with how to feed your brain the right ‘food’, and exercise it in the right way, contact me now.

(first 30 mins session is free)

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