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During the night you wake up and your mind is full of activity........panic!

Does it take you long to get back to sleep?


Is panic necessary?

It is if you are watching the clock and making a note of how much sleep you’ve had - or haven’t had - and how much sleep you can possibly get with the hours left until morning.

So what should you do?

Find out why you don’t need to panic and what you can do to get back to sleep on

Your night’s sleep is like a Barometer - reflecting what else is going on in your life.

Those who are having sleep problems - you are not alone!!

All the sleep tips are to facilitate staying asleep and getting quality sleep.

So make sure you follow all the tips from all the articles.

Studies show that those predisposed to sleep issues are those with perfectionism, intensity and a need for control. Stress and worry cause insomnia.

First let's understand what’s going on. Let’s understand the sleep cycle.

What is this crazy picture - whatever are we up to at night?

The last article discusses why we need sleep, this article dissects the pattern.

Click the link to read the full article

Remember - your brain is supposed to stay active at night.

Do not engage with it (treat it like a naughty child - ignore the behaviour you don't want)

  1. Get up briefly

  2. Try breathing

  3. Focus on something boring or

  4. Music (as a distraction)

  5. Sleep apps can help (this will be covered in a future tip)

  6. Keep the lights off

  7. Don't look at your phone

Core sleep is what is vital .

5 and a half hours is a minimum

It's not enough but it's the base amount to stay healthy (rather like base food amount to stay healthy)

So don't look at the clock and don't panic!

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